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Asun Oliver Ópticas

The most original optician in Valencia with the best styling consultation

We have created an unique space for a complete eyewear experience. A place far from the predictable, with glasses and your vision as the main protagonists. Find here the most original glasses but with an expert and professional attention.

We are your opticians

The perfect combination of technology and original glasses to take care of your vision

Our proposal includes a complete prescription experience together with a personal selection of international brands. We incorporate the most advanced technology for your eyes and have the most advanced instruments to guarantee a 100% personalised fitting.

Somos óptica Varilux Ambassador en Valencia

We are Varilux Ambassadors offering you the latest technology in prescription and lens customisation.

Una selección muy personal de gafas

A very personal selection by Asun Oliver of original and different brands of glasses that you are sure to fall in love with.

Asun Oliver, directora y fundadora de Asun Oliver Ópticas

Asun Oliver, founder and soul of Asun Oliver Ópticas

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Xit V313


Sonia B. Bizou Clair ..


Epique Alex 4


Oscar Mamooi Moon 2


Gaston Du Guesclin 1 ..


Sonia B. Bizou Madra ..


Marni G1E


Gaston Rue de la Pai ..


Theo Dare Matali Cra ..


Oscar Mamooi Crystal ..


Face à Face Witty 1 ..


Epique Sole 01


Face à Face Bloom 2 ..


Face à Face Quartz ..


Epique Charlie 5


Lindberg 6613 D16


Our commitment
with your visual health

We offer a full guarantee on the fitting of our glasses

We offer you a full guarantee on the fitting of your glasses.

In our opticians we work to ensure that you get a perfect fit for your glasses. If you are not able to adapt as you would like, we are committed to achieving the best solution until you do. And all at no additional cost to you.

latest in technology and eye health solutions

We are at the very latest in technology and eye health solutions

In our opticians you will find the most advanced technology for your eyes. We have incorporated the latest lens technologies and we have obtained the certification as specialist centres for leading brands in the international optical sector.

Revisamos tu visión sin dejarnos un detalle

We review your vision without without leaving out a detail

Assisted by the latest technology, our optometric prescription protocol guarantees a complete assessment of your vision. We also provide advanced services in contact lenses, tear evaluation, colour vision and we examine the back of the eye.

We are specialists in low vision and vision therapy

We specialise in solutions for people with low vision

At the optician's we have different solutions for people suffering from low vision. We have an extensive catalogue of low vision products and we also offer vision therapy services for both children and adults.

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Book an appoinment in our Valencia's optician.
We will surprise you.

To guarantee a personalised service at the optician's, we recommend that you make an appointment in advance. Contact us using the form below or by telephone or through WhatsApp. Once we get your enquiry, we will contact you in the blink of an eye

My store in Valencia is the place I've always wanted for glasses to be the real protagonists

Asun Oliver

Circular economy

We've created ReÓptica, the first optician to launch an environmental sustainability project

ReÓptica is the first optician's shop to launch an environmental sustainability project project with different lines of action to recycle, reuse and promote new eco-efficient materials. eco-efficient materials. With three lines of action, ReÓptica is our commitment to reuse and recycle materials from the optician's shop to create unique objects. from opticians to create unique objects.

Jewellery with spectacle lenses

We reuse and recycle from our optics with exclusive designs of earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Reuse and recycle materials from the
                                        optician's shop

We collaborate with eco-friendly designers linked to the world of circular economy to produce our pieces.

Social responsibility

At Asun Oliver Ópticas we improve our environment with your glasses.

Our work aims to improve the lives of our customers and make a positive impact on our environment. As opticians we are a local business and we cooperate in the social and economic life of our neighbourhoods. Our team always offers a close attention to people of all ages.

We are committed to family and social associations. In addition, through ReÓptica, we through ReÓptica, we promote circular economy actions that help sustainability.

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