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Ilustración de lentes de contacto

We have everything what you need in contact lenses and contactology services

In our optics we advise you on the best adaptation of lenses of contact you need. We are specialists in a multitude of contactology solutions and We offer advanced services with the main brands. From graduation to personalized adaptation we study each case for both adults and children.

Daily, monthly and quarterly contact lenses in soft material

  • Our sphere: Corrects myopia or hyperopia.
  • Toric / Astigmatism: Cause astigmatism, also if you have it next to myopia or hyperopia.
  • Multifocal / Progressive: They correct your distance and near prescription if you have presbyopia There are also special ones for astigmatism, only for monthly use.
  • Myopia control: With distance graduation, for children from 4 years and up to the age of 20, with a technology studied to reduce the increase in myopia (MiSight).
  • Prosthetics: Corrective of aesthetic defects of the eyeball or needs patch type vision deprivation.
  • Cosmetic / colored: With or without graduation from a distance, in natural colors or flashy.

RGP annual contact lenses, rigid or gas permeable

These contact lenses can be made to correct all of the above vision defects.


These contact lenses correct your vision while you sleep and allow you to stop using glasses or contact lenses during the day, through special sleeping contact lenses. They also have a control effect. myopia and they are also very useful if you want to pass an opposition with minimal visual requirements without correction optics.

We answer your questions about contact lenses

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